Seclusion Is the Price of Greatness, Swami Kriyananda, Episode 40 in his “Ask Me about Truth” video series

An interview with Swamiji in which he answers a variety of questions, often based on misconceptions about seclusion, with insights from his own long personal seclusion experience— including times in India.

Seclusion Is the Price of Greatness (in Ananda Worldwide’s “Ask the Experts” online advice column by Nayaswami Gyandev McCord

Brief advice to an inquirer’s question about how to spend several days in seclusion, focussing on a natural flow for different parts of the day.

Seclusion: Quotations from Paramhansa Yogananda and Swami Kriyananda

Excerpts from books and articles of Yoganandaji and Kriyanandaji.

Time Out for Sweet Seclusion (originally 2 articles, “Time Out for Seclusion” and “Sweet Seclusion”), by Nayaswami Savitri Simpson—combined by Brahmachari Prisha Kirby and enhanced with relevant comments for seclusion in India

In-depth reflections on seclusion with many how-tos and a personal testimonial by one of Ananda’s pioneers and foremost acharyas..


Seclusion as a Spiritual Practice, by Prasanna Hankins

A personal testimonial by a long-time secluder, despite the generic title. Of particular interest: her varied seclusion scenarios, from short initial attempts as a young mother to longer periods including rented park cabins and a stay at Ananda’s Meditation Retreat in California. Also unique: her discussion of “re-entry” after seclusions.

Seclusion for Mommies
, by Gita Matlock

Not just for mommies but for anyone who, like the author initially, is”terrified to seclude” or otherwise holding back from the experience.

Seclusion Is the Price of Greatness, by Melody Hansen

“Lessons learned” by a young meditator, comparing an earlier unsuccessful seclusion attempt with a later successful seclusion after she had become a more seasoned devotee

Seclusion is the Price of Greatness: My Week, and How & Why to Do It! by Nayaswami Hriman McGilloway

Reflections by a veteran secluder on his own annual seclusions and on seclusion in general.

Three and a Half Lessons from a Nine-Day Seclusion, by Brahmachari Tandava Waldon

Lessons a devotee found in the challenges of his second experience in seclusion.

The Joyful Practice of Seclusion