Ways You Can Help


Finances are needed in order to maintain the grounds and facilities, repair or replace older equipment which periodically needs it, and expand with new projects to serve future guests, in addition to paying utility bills and payroll expenses.

While all donations to Ananda Sangha are helpful and eligible for a tax exemption, under section 80G of the IT Act, 1961, the most effective way of helping this ashram is by becoming a sustaining member with a monthly pledged amount. That will help us to budget our efforts, so that we can make long-term plans that will utilise your contributions more effectively. If you have particular aspects of this work which are most of interest to you, you can also specify that your donation go towards those.

To fill out a monthly pledge form, and for all foreigners:

For Indian nationals who’ve already filled out a monthly pledge form, or who’d like to make a simple, one-time donation:

Another donation option is a direct bank-to-bank transfer. If you choose this route, please let us know about your deposit by email or WhatsApp, as bank regulations do not allow us to see depositor details.

Direct deposit bank details:
Acc’t name: Ananda Sangha Ashram.
Bank: Axis bank, Pune.
Account number: 913010026292311 IFS code: UTIB0001918

Guru Seva

There’s an expression at Ananda that “Many Hands Make a Miracle!”

If you would like to offer your hands in seva to help us, please get in touch with Sundeep about ways this might be possible. Note that we have some seva projects that can be done remotely, in your spare time! See below for Sundeep’s contact details.

Ashram Wish List

All of the things below are on our “wish list”; some are pieces of equipment that we need to upgrade or replace; others are projects we’d like to do in the future, or have already started on. If you can help us to acquire any of the following things, either by donating funds, or equipment, or helpful guidance, please let us know:

1. A new roof for our retreat rooms – must be completed by May
2. A second roof for the upper kutirs – work in progress, additional funds required for completion
3. Internal Roads from ashram entrance to Swamiji’s house – partially pledged, additional funds required.
4. Completion of internal / external painting of temple
5. Providing fans for temple
6. New washrooms near the temple
7. Landscaping around temple
8. A new roof for yoga pavilion, near Swamiji’s house
9. A new utility vehicle

If you can help us with any of our wish list items, or if you’d like to help us through Seva, please get in touch with Sundeep. You can reach him through email at sundeep@anandaindia.org, or by phone at (+91) 9819686164

Donations to Ananda Sangha are eligible for 50% tax exemption under section 80G of the IT Act, 1961
In Gratitude,

The Ananda
Ashram Team