Map to Ananda Kriya Yogashram from Pune City:

We are the Ananda Yoga Retreat located outside Pune city off the main road going towards Lavasa. After passing Kharawade Village (A), look for a blue coloured concrete bus stop on your right (Watunde Phata (C)). On its wall, you’ll see an Ananda sign pointing across the road to the turnoff for our land (on your left) (B). The turnoff is a dirt road 2 km long, somewhat challenging because of quite a few rocks and ruts. During monsoon season, it can also get quite muddy and “puddly”.

There are now 2 more turnoffs to reach our land:?The 1st will be after you cross the bridges shown on the map and wind around a bit. This turnoff is not marked. It’s on your right just past a small house close to the road. If you’re at the correct place (and there aren’t too many houses on that road fitting this description), you’ll see a pair of small stone walls on each side of that road. Turn there.

Continue until you see a small structure on your left with an altar showing Master’s picture. Turn left.

You are now on a short driveway facing Seva House, our reception and office are. Park on the side of the driveway or at the top.

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