If you need a break from the noise and confusion of city living, or are planning some special event with a spiritually-minded group of friends or colleagues, this retreat may be just the place you’re looking for. Less than an hour outside Pune in the beautiful Sahyadri foothills, our peaceful facilities include 32 private acres near the foot of a forest-covered mountain, overlooking fields tilled by neighboring villagers.

A Perfect Place for:

  • Corporate workshops and planning sessions
  • Motivational seminars
  • Weddings, receptions, and other special celebrations
  • Spiritual groups of all faiths and denominations
  • Educational groups
  • Programs for children and families
  • Workshops on Yoga, Meditation, Tai-Chi, Qi-Gong, etc.
  • Healing and wellness programs
  • Artistic workshops in music, dance, architecture, painting, etc.
  • Nature awareness activities, trekking, stargazing and more

Available Facilities:

The indoor Shanti Mandir (Temple of Peace) can accommodate up to 150 people for meetings, presentations, seminars and more.

A terraced outdoor amphitheater can accommodate up to 60 people, with neither walls nor ceiling for a deep experience of nature!

Our man-made cave dedicated to Mahavatar Babaji makes a very unique venue for smaller events, meditations and ceremonies. Suitable for up to a dozen people, the temperature remains comfortable no matter how hot or cold it gets outside. Getting to this involves a 15 minute uphill walk from the guest rooms, but the view and the venue are well worth it.

There are overnight accommodations for up to 46 guests in 14 spacious rooms. Duplex rooms are perfect for small families, kutirs are perfect for couples.

Fresh-cooked vegetarian meals are served 3 times a day in a covered outdoor dining area, often including organic fruits & vegetables from our gardens.

Swamiji’s garden is a beautiful spot for contemplation, study, or relaxation, bathed in the soothing sounds of wind chimes and a small water fountain.

Swami Kriyananda’s home (where he lived until 2013) is reserved for silent meditation practices, to better preserve the sacred vibrations he left us.

About our retreat centre and spiritual lineage

This retreat centre was established in 2009 by Swami Kriyananda, a direct disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda. Our central teaching is called Kriya Yoga, an advanced technique of meditation, but Kriya Yoga is also a lifestyle for bringing higher awareness into every moment. Accordingly our teachings embrace every aspect of life: spirituality, relationships, education, philosophy, success and more. Swami Kriyananda (and others) have developed Yogananda’s core teachings on all of the following topics, and we’d be happy to supplement your group’s stay with brief discussions, sessions, or full courses on any topics that might be of interest to your group:

  • Meditation for inner peace, concentration, and more
  • Ananda Yoga, a deep spiritual expression of hatha yoga
  • Intuition, problem-solving, and the creative arts
  • Freedom from stress, and working with energy and magnetism
  • Success and happiness through yogic principles
  • Supportive leadership: leading by inspiration rather than commandments
  • Health and wellness through simple, practical methods
  • The eternal underlying truths brought by all great Masters
  • Education as a preparation for every aspect of life, not only academic skills
  • Insights on modern world events from the ancient system of Yugas

Please feel free to call us, to schedule an in-person guided tour of our buildings and grounds. Once you’re here we can discuss the particular needs of your group, and explore how we can help your group to have the best possible experience in every detail, including lodging, food, transport arrangements, and any special details you’d like to provide them. Feel free to explore any topic(s) that might be of interest to you or your group. The quality of your group’s experience is of the utmost importance to us!