Many of our guests come here to get away from their online activities, and we naturally want to support you in whatever degree of “digital detox” you can manage during your stay! However, in case you may need to send a few emails, call home, or even attend some important online meetings, the following information is meant as a guide to what’s possible from here.

The local Jio cellphone network gives the best-available phone and internet coverage in this area. In July the Jio network was up for well over 95% of the time, and in August it was well over that. Vodafone is usually okay for phone calls but not internet, while AirTel may not be accessible at all. We have a signal booster in our reception area to amplify all the available network signals for the best possible connection, plus an inverter for reliable power. We also offer a WiFi connection (through Jio) in the same reception area, although there’s a limited daily quota. If you expect you’ll need to do a lot of things online, we suggest you bring your own Jio connection. Depending on the sensitivity of the antenna in your phone or dongle, this will generally give enough bandwidth for you to attend meetings in the privacy of your room.

If you would be interested in helping us upgrade our internet options for greater reliability and / or speed for those who need them, please get in touch with us about this.