Our karma yoga program not only teaches how to perform service joyfully, it also offers the opportunity to meet people from around the world.  Recent karma yogis have come from all over India as well as from many different foreign countries including the Czech Republic, Uruguay, Canada, USA, Nepal, India, Singapore, Italy, and Spain.

Here are some pictures from when the Karma Yogis tackled a cleanup project at the community’s flats, now called “Kailash.”  Preparing the flats for new residents who will be arriving shortly, the karma yoga group, joyfully cleans floors and bathrooms and even assembles furniture.


From top left – Julia (Spain), takes a break to smile for a picture, while others keeps working. Bramachari Baraquiel (Uruguay) and Victor (USA) tag team a dirty bathroom floor. Baraquiel climbs up a post in the temple to install a tarp in case of rains in October. Shurjo pays the karma yogis a visit! Julia and Shamini clean the temple as she threatens to fly away if Baraquiel doesn’t ease up on the work load. The karma yoga group is joined by the cook, Anand (far left), for a short meditation in between a morning service project and lunch.

More memories to come! 🙂