Astral Ascension Ceremonies

If you have lost someone dear to you and would like to give them a meaningful and inspiring send-off and helping them make the transition from this world into the next, The Ananda Astral Ascension Ceremony could help you make this process a very powerful and uplifting experience.

An Excerpt from the Ceremony:

“You, who have gone before us, have entered a realm which our souls remember: a place of freedom, light and laughter.
Take with you on your journey our blessings, and our love.

We shall miss you!
Our desire is not to hold you back, but only to tell you: Friend, we are yours; our love and support are ever yours, and our prayers for your highest happiness.

We shall meet again! Once more we shall laugh together, rejoice together, and share in the joy of seeking Him!

Claim your soul’s freedom!
Bless all who ever harmed you, or ever wished you harm.
Give them your love, and your prayer for their freedom in God.”

If you’d like to know more about this ceremony, please feel free to contact us.