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“Self Education for Self Empowerment” is a perfect description of what “Education for Life” is all about: skills and principles to move forward through the challenges of life joyfully and directionally.

“EFL,” as we abbreviate Education for Life, is a holistic and experiential approach to Self Education that has proved highly successful over three decades, winning accolades from outside educators. Indeed, as former Indian President Dr. Kalam, remarked to Swami Kriyananda — the originator of Education for Life — when they met several years ago: “This is just what India needs.” One of its most unique aspects is a focus on guiding our (adults and children) energy according to our different individual stages of growth and development as well as our particular strengths and gifts. In this way, we are gently guided toward maturity. EFL goes far beyond mere academic concerns by helping prepare us for life’s challenges so we view obstacles and setbacks simply as realities that can be creatively addressed to get past or work around. In such a setting, learning is a joy and expansive.

Swami Kriyananda’s inspiration for the principles and practices he writes of in this book,Education for Life: Preparing Adults and children to Meet Today’s Challenges, came from those of his guru Paramhansa Yogananda, whose school for boys in Ranchi was quite famous long before he became India’s first yoga master to live in the West. For deeper understanding of EFL, I think you will enjoy starting out with reading a brief description of Kriyanandaji’s book here.

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