Family Camps

We are entering a new age of energy and awareness, which invites us to expand our consciousness and find new forms of expression, both as individuals and as families. In order to be productive, growth must emerge from one’s own center, and be focused. This year’s program, “Families for a New Tomorrow” offers a joyful growth opportunity for families who are seeking an uplifting life style, based on universal human values. Adults and children alike can plant the seeds of a new consciousness, learning to:

  • Relax and recharge in an environment dedicated to spiritual growth
  • See themselves in a new way, discovering their inner qualities
  • Bring new energy into their family life, nurturing new attitudes in playing together, serving together, and confronting life’s challenges in a positive way
  • In these camps we will have:

  • Circle-time and group outings, shared with the whole family
  • Children’s activities including yoga, art, music and theater, cooperative games, and deep experiences of contact with nature. Children are divided into groups according to their age.
  • The activities for children and young people will focus on the theme of friendship
    Through games, psychodrama, Yoga postures, art, and group activities, they will learn how to be a loving friend.