Social distancing is very important during a pandemic, and fortunately it’s very easy to practice on a property with 32 acres, surrounded by thousands more! If you feel so inclined, this is an excellent time to consider going one step further, nurturing your inner life by giving more attention to your spiritual practices, in a place where you can focus more completely on them. Accordingly we recommend you look at our personal retreats page, and also consider experimenting with one or more of the practices involved in a spiritual seclusion.

In further support of social distancing, we recommend against sharing a room with anyone you’re not already in intimate contact with, which is one reason we’ve made private rooms more affordable. On our rates page you’ll see that our new single-occupancy rates (Rs 1600/night) are now almost as low as our shared rates had been before the pandemic (Rs 1500)! However, if you and a friend or two decide you’d like to share one of our spacious rooms, you’ll find that our sharing rates are also more affordable, and of course families are always welcome!

It was the best vacation I ever had.L. Gluckman, California

Your Retreat Package

  • Transportation from Trivandrum Airport to resort and back
  • Accommodations
  • Two delicious Ayurvedic vegetarian meals each day (breakfast and dinner)
  • Classes on Ayurveda, Hindu spirituality and healing
  • Personal consultations with the staff Ayurvedic doctors
  • 7 therapeutic treatments (6 treatments for those on the 7-night package) for either Rejuvenation Therapy or Purification Therapy
  • Daily Ananda Yoga and meditation session guided by Gyandev
  • Evening entertainment of Indian music, dance, and drama
  • Guided excursions to Indian cultural and spiritual sights
  • An informative and useful booklet on Ayurveda and Ananda Yoga
  • Credit toward Level 2 certification for Ananda Yoga Teachers

Activity area at the retreat, where guests relax and chat.

About Your Guides

Gyandev and Diksha McCord, two of Ananda’s best-loved instructors, are ideally qualified to lead your Ayurveda retreat.

Gyandev is director of Ananda Yoga® worldwide and a co-founder of Yoga Alliance. Diksha directs Ananda’s Meditation Teacher Training and has studied and taught Ayurveda and Ayurvedic cooking for many years.

Both Gyandev and Diksha have experienced the treatments at Somatheeram and recommend them highly.