“The love pouring out from our teachers to all of us was tangible.”

– P.K., Pune

“It was all amazing. This weekend gave me a lot of strength and inspiration.”

– L. S., Barcelona, Spain

“After dinner under the stars and the open sky, I felt very near to nature.”

– U.V., Mumbai

“I felt that this retreat weekend charged my batteries spiritually for the weeks ahead.”

– S.S., Mumbai.

“The nature, the air, and the open sky were so beautiful. And the kirtans were fantastic.”

– M. K, Moscow, Russia

“Seeing the joy of God-centered living touch people’s lives was amazing.”

– A.G., Pune

“To see people coming from all directions desirous of living in spiritual community gives us an expansive view of Yogananda’s worldwide mission.”

– G.P., Pune

“Being on this land is so beautiful. All the helpers made me feel so comfortable. It actually helps one to grow as a human being.”

– V.K., Mumbai

“It was amazing to see with my own eyes all the miracles that have been wrought from this sacred land.”

– G.D., Belgium

“During this weekend, all of us began to realize a very strong feeling of community together.”

– S.J., Pune

“This retreat brought many of us from all over the world to meet and interact as brothers and sisters.”

– H.C., Uruguay