Another Watunde Sunrise
Another lovely sunrise view of Watunde. Photo taken about a 10 minute walk from Swamiji's house.
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Dear Ones ,

JaiGuru.  Pronam !!

Hope you are all well and safe.

Just a quick update about the ashram post the Covid lockdown from March. Recently a group of devotees presented a proposal to manage the ashram as it was getting difficult for the Trust to manage and finance. The new agreement has been reached.

With the blessings of the Spiritual Directors and consent of the board of Trustees, a group of devotees will manage the ashram and make it a spiritual place to preserve Swami Kriyanandaji’s vibrations through his house and shrine and spread Master’s teachings and vibrations by giving an experience of seclusion to busy souls and help deepen Master’s teachings to true seekers.

A lot of joyful work has gone in the last few months to bring the ashram back to a place of vibrant energy and beauty. We would love your visit to the ashram once the travel restrictions are lifted. The ashram is on its way to become self-sustaining as envisaged by Swami Kriyananda.

The Ashram is our Guru’s home and your home.

As Guruji warned us of an economic crash and depression, we can see a lot happening around, glory to the Guru. He also gave us this wonderful place to protect us !!

Here are a few of the projects that have been executed recently:

  1. We have now cleared all 17 fallen trees on the property (by cyclone Nisarga) with the help of a JCB and local labour.
  2. A New Water distribution hub is in place near the old shower house site to distribute water by gravity, thus saving precious power to filter and pump water up the hill.
  3. Our borewell pump has been repaired and all water at the property is now from our own borewell, saving on tanker fuel and labour.
  4. We got the water tested from a lab  and the certificate states water is safe for drinking.
  5. Repairs were done around Swamiji’s house as we had a collapsed wall from tree damage.
  6. Plantations for papaya, bhindi, brinjal, millet and jackfruit are now complete.
  7. The entire ashram has been de-weeded and clean energy now reflects in its surroundings.
  8. A new power pole is now in place to replace the old pole, damaged by the cyclone. We spent one month without power but all is in place again now.
  9. New Hand sanitisers are now in place at reception and temple area. All meditations done with 2 mtr distance.
  10. A new workshop for woodwork, we are now making altars and meditation benches in the ashram, training local youth and providing local job opportunities.
  11. New initiatives like incense making are in the pipeline.

Please see the attached photos of the property and we hope you can all come here soon to enjoy (once travel permits).

May Guruji bless you many fold for your support and generosity.

in Gratitude and HIS Service

Jai Guru Jai